A Binary Manifestation


Limited digital edition, 72 copies.

Download includes the Hawthonn album, plus:* Four additional ‘holophone’ tracks: more than an hour of extra musick* 32-page Hawthonn journal

* Full size cover artwork

* Personalised, numbered certificate (emailed separately within three working days)

Once sold out, the album will revert to an unlimited edition featuring album tracks and cover art only.

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– O –
Written and performed by Phil & Layla Legard
(electronics, accordion, fox-skull, harmonium, field recordings, spiricom, vocals).Also featuring Simon Bradley (cello, Aura) and Lovernios Legard (vocalisations, Thanatopsis).
Mastered by Benny Reibel.
Moving images courtesy of Ætheric Anomalies.Our most profound thanks to Ian Johnstone for his thoughtful and touching memorial to Jhonn Balance,
which provided the impetus for this project.
Thanks also to those that we have met as a consequence of this project that knew or corresponded with Coil:
their memories of the duo’s generosity in particular will stay with us.The music above represents the work of the first Hawthonn project,
which ran between Summer Solstice and 13th November 2014.

For Jhonn.